Transparency and Accountability

I believe we need increased transparency and personal accountability in City Council. We need to raise the bar on disclosing personal potential conflicts to ensure we are above the legal minimum requirements. Anything less is not at all acceptable.


We need to hold ourselves, and City staff, responsible for making decisions and operating in alignment with Council’s policies, goals, objectives, and strategies. We need to establish a clear direction, focus attention on key initiatives, and make decisions in consideration of community and corporate goals.  

We need to hold staff accountable through the Corporate Work Plan , Budget and Financial Plans and the Annual report .

Clear and concise direction will allow Council to get and stay in control, clarify the outcomes it wants, and demand accountability on behalf of the public.

Healthy Workplace

Workplace health is a Council priority that needs improvement. I want Council to take an active role in ensuring a healthy workplace culture for City staff. A healthy culture will motivate employees, foster innovation, attract and retain talent, and reduce conflict.

In order to support this objective, meaningful engagement and open lines of communication between all City employees, the public, and Mayor and Council is critical.

Mayor and Council should be ready to act. We need to respond to the feedback we receive and ensure that Council’s priority for workplace health actively guides administrative practices, policies, and the overall operation of the City.A hostile company culture leads to employee push-back, disorganization, turnover, absenteeism, and ultimately affects the bottom line – which means tax payers dollars!