Social Development

The federal and provincial governments are responsible for providing solutions for housing, shelters, and health for our at-risk population. We cannot reduce crime, poverty, or addictions – including the opioid crisis on our own. We have and will continue to work with the BC Government to come up with solutions to these matters. 

As the chair of the Intergovernmental Resolutions Committee, our group worked hard to get the message out to senior governments that we need them to do more. We have worked with the Union of BC Municipalities and the North Central Government Association to help get that message out. As a proactive group, our committee focused our efforts on these matters to help deal with the evolving crisis in Prince George. 

The following are the resolutions passed at City Council and sent to the UBCM:  

  • Proceeds of crime, clean-up of needles and other harm reduction paraphernalia, 
  • Sharing payments from Opioid Class Action Lawsuit. 
  • Overdose crisis and a call for an Overdose Action Plan, 
  • Increased capacity at the National Forensic Lab Services,
  • Improved efficiencies in the prosecution of criminal offenses,
  • Comprehensive training model for RCMP members, 
  • Implementing no barrier housing.

We also held interagency meetings with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and with MLA Shirley Bond and MLA Mike Morris.

Issues that Matter....