Illegal Dumping Around Our City is a BIG Problem!

Why is This Important to Me?

I am an avid outdoors person. I enjoy all the trails around Prince George and I get out as often as I can. What really makes me angry is the garbage that is so carelessly dumped in our greenspaces. Often at the end of a road or off the beaten path, it has become a real problem. 

It’s been very frustrating trying to stay on top of this. There is no reason whatsoever that folks can’t take their garbage to a transfer station or the landfill. Steve Hamilton from the Spruce City Wildlife Association has done an amazing job with his group cleaning up these dump sites in and around Prince George.

Let's Discuss Why This Happening and Proposed Solutions to STOP it From Happening.

I don’t have all the answers as to why it is happening, and I would love to hear from you on why you think this is happening. Connect with me on facebook to discuss your thoughts as to why this happens and what we can do about it as a community. Let’s come up with solutions together.

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