Today I am announcing my intention to run for re-election for our Prince George City Council. As a 54-year resident of Prince George, I understand what the issues are that affect our day-to-day lives. As an elected official, I have been dedicated and working hard since I was first elected in 2002. I believe in transparency, and I voice my concerns fervently until they are addressed. I make myself available to the residents of Prince George through social media and other measures. I am approachable and down to earth, and I work with individuals and groups to help them problem solve and to achieve their goals.

I believe we need increased transparency and personal accountability in City Council. We need to raise the bar on disclosing personal potential conflicts to ensure we are above the legal minimum requirements. Anything less is not at all acceptable.

We need to focus on more than providing core services like clean drinking water, sewage disposal, and paved roads. Together, we need to create a healthy, safe, and vibrant city, not only for residents who call Prince George home, but visitors, businesses, and those looking to join our community.

The federal and provincial governments are responsible for providing solutions for housing, shelters, and health for our at-risk population. We cannot reduce crime, poverty, or addictions – including the opioid crisis on our own. We have and will continue to work with the BC Government to come up with solutions to these matters.

As the chair of the Intergovernmental Resolutions Committee, our group worked hard to get the message out to senior governments that we need them to do more. We have worked with the Union of BC Municipalities and the North Central Government Association to help get that message out. As a proactive group, our committee focused our efforts on these matters to help deal with the evolving crisis in Prince George.

The following are the resolutions passed at City Council and sent to the UBCM:

  • Proceeds of crime, clean-up of needles and other harm reduction paraphernalia,
  • Sharing payments from Opioid Class Action Lawsuit.
  • Overdose crisis and a call for an Overdose Action Plan,
  • Increased capacity at the National Forensic Lab Services,
  • Improved efficiencies in the prosecution of criminal offenses,
  • Comprehensive training model for RCMP members,
  • Implementing no barrier housing.

We also held interagency meetings with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and with MLA Shirley Bond and MLA Mike Morris.

More work needs to be done regarding the rezoning and permitting process to ensure that environmental, social, and economic impacts are disclosed and discussed clearly and promptly.

Truth and reconciliation are critical in moving forward as we continue to build trust and respect with our First Nations partners.

I am a proud resident of Prince George and I enjoy sharing its beauty through my photography and trail camera work.

If re-elected, I will continue to work hard on the taxpayer’s behalf. I will continue to challenge policies and ask questions. If we don’t look at our shortcomings as opportunities for improvement, we will continue this perpetual cycle of mediocrity.

With your support, I know “We Can Do Better”.

  • ELECTION DAY:  October 15, 2022

Advance polling dates in Prince George take place October 5,6,11 and 12.